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Girls Beds

Little girls’ beds are the focal point of their room. They should reflect their owner’s personality and style. Of course as every parent knows girls likes and dislikes change as fast as the seasons! So how do you keep up if your little girl wants to be a princess one-day and an astronaut the next? It is possible with a little planning.

Remember that as a girl grows up, so should her bedroom. A little girl’s bedroom is more than just a place for sleeping. It should be a warm and comfortable spot to play and have fun as well. How much space is available and how that space is utilized is crucial to this goal.

What bed you choose for your girl’s bedroom is of the greatest importance. Beds are one of the most expensive pieces of furniture in a child’s room. You should begin by deciding how many beds will be needed. If two or more girls will be sharing then the obvious solution may be bunk beds. This does not have to limit your decorating range as girls beds come in many different styles and designs including bunk beds that look like castles or pirate ships. Yes, girls can be pirates! Theme beds are costly however, so talk it over with your child before making this investment.

If you do not need bunk beds, there are many other options for girls’ beds. Trundle beds provide room for a sleepover when needed, and roll away for space to play. Day beds are also a feminine option that can grow with your child.

Loft beds are a great way to combine sleeping space with a secret hideaway. Girls love loft beds because the sleeping space is elevated while the space below is open for whatever they dream up. It’s a great place to play, hideout, or use for a desk.

Canopy beds are every girls dream for a girl’s bed at one time or other. The canopy can be changed, as the girl gets older. Pretty pink can be updated to colored netting, as your princess becomes a teenager, even if they do choose black.

Don’t forget to talk to your child before choosing what girls bed you will purchase. After all it is her room and if she can’t sleep, neither will you. If she is afraid of heights you definitely should rule out a loft bed, but a bunk bed could still be considered. She would of course sleep on the bottom bunk.

After the decision is made, and the bed purchased, you can keep up with the times by changing bedding. When a girl is young cartoon characters may be her favorite, as she grows she is sure to go through stages of various likes and dislikes. Opt for a few solid favorite colors for sheets and comforters, and accentuate with pillows and blankets in whatever new design she craves. Throw rugs will also provide an inexpensive way to change the look of her room as well.

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