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For the college student, constant traveler, empty nester, or someone who lives in a small space, having extra beds available for guests and visitors can often pose a problem.  Living in a confined space, or a space where you don't have much extra room can mean finding another place for someone to sleep is very difficult.  Bean bag beds are the perfect solution for your seating and sleeping needs.  The best thing about bean bag beds is that they easily convert from a large, comfortable chair to a roomy and comfortable bed.  Most bean bags begin as chairs.  During the day, the bed appears to be a large bean bag chair for people to lounge around in.  At night, the chair can be opened up and a large, long bed can be pulled out.  This provides two uses for the bean bag bed and also gives you much more room.  In addition, these beds are very comfortable and conform to your body while sleeping, making them a nice addition for guests. 

Many people claim that bean bag beds are extremely comfortable.  They usually come with washable covers, making them very easy to clean as well.  Most bean bag beds can be purchased at a reasonable cost, typically anywhere from $150 to $400, depending on the size and materials used in the bed.  The best thing about bean bag beds is their versatility.  They can be converted into a bean bag chair or even a sofa with just one quick step, and provide years of comfy enjoyment for all who sit or sleep on them.  Most retailers who sell bean bags also offer various color and fabric choices for the cover, so that your bean bag bed is designed to fit the decor and needs of your particular living space.  Comfort, style, and versatility make the bean bag bed a wonderful choice for people looking to sit and sleep in style.

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