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Your bedding and linens should be handled with care when cleaning them, to ensure they remain intact and that you get many years of use out of them.  There are certain things one should know when caring for both bedding and linens.  First, always be sure to read the tag to find out what your bedding or linens are made of, as well as follow the care instructions.  Some items require that you dry clean them only.  When your bedding’s care tag states dry clean only, it is very important that you do so, otherwise you could ruin it.  When washing bedding and linens, be sure to either use a gentle cycle on your washing machine, or wash them by hand.  Using a regular cycle can damage the linens, so you want to be sure they are washed very gently.  Use a detergent made especially for gentle fabrics or an all natural soap so no discoloration takes place.

When you wash your bedding and linens, try to wash them as soon as a stain appears.  This is best since stains can soak in over time and will be more difficult to remove later. Remember to use cool or lukewarm water, as hot water can shrink your linens.  When it’s time to dry, don’t use the dyer as this can cause both damage and shrinking.  Instead, hang them out to dry on a line, or lay them flat to dry to prevent wrinkles.  If you do happen to see some wrinkles, use the lowest setting on your iron.  If you ever decide to store your bedding and linens, always clean them first and make sure they are completely dry to prevent mildew or molding.  With proper care, your bedding and linens can bring you many years of comfort and enjoyment.

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