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The first thing to consider when choosing bed room furniture is the size of the bedroom.  The position of the door and any windows should also be noted, as well as any closet space or lack thereof.  This will help determine the appropriate size and placement of the most important piece of furniture for the room: the bed.

Beds come in various sizes including standard (sometimes referred to as twin), full (sometimes referred to as double), queen and king. Some are also available in longer than standard lengths.  They may be made of various types of wood, metal and even plastic. Styles vary from modern to traditional, and from antique to country. Beds may come with a mattress, or you may prefer a waterbed.

There are also sleigh beds, platform beds and day beds. Trundle beds and bunk beds are appropriate for smaller rooms that lack space for two beds, or for children’s’ rooms.  The bed will most likely be the focal point and the largest piece of your bed room furniture. It should reflect your personal style, but most importantly, it should be comfortable and provide a good nights sleep.

Every bedroom requires storage space for clothing and other belongings. If you purchase your bed room furniture in a set, it will probably include a dresser, a nightstand, and a mirror along with the bed. Purchasing a set will ensure that all the pieces match in color, style and material. Of course if you prefer a more eclectic style you may want to purchase individual pieces of different styles and materials, mixing and matching at your whim to create a look that is uniquely your own.

Dressers vary from design to design. Some dressers have drawers only, while other styles include both drawers and doors. Door dressers usually have several pullout trays. The number of drawers also varies.

Night stands are small tables that usually have at least one, and sometimes two drawers. Night stands are usually placed on one or both sides of the bed, at the head, and are great for holding reading lamps.

If a mirror is included with the set of bedroom furniture that you have purchased, it is usually placed above the dresser.

Armoires are another storage option. Not only can they be used to store clothes, but TV’s, stereos and books as well. Armoires are especially necessary if your room lacks a closet, but since they do take up a lot of space, may not be appropriate for very small rooms where under bed storage may required. Wardrobes are a less expensive form of armoire and contain a clothes rod for hanging clothes.

Lighting is important if you pursue leisure activities such as reading, or sewing. Lamps help to provide both light and ambience. Try to find designs that compliment your furnishings and include three-way switches.

If space allows other items you may choose to complete your bed room furniture may include a vanity with a stool, a writing desk, or even more likely today, a computer desk and a comfortable chair.

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