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There are so many different sizes of beds available; it may be hard for you to determine which one will be right for your sleeping needs as well as your bedroom. The term twin bed is also known as a single bed, so that terminology can often be confusing. Twin beds are usually best suited for dorm rooms or teenagers who only need room for one person to sleep. They’re also ideal for young children who have moved into their first bed. Full beds are a size larger, and most sheet sets are labeled full so they are fairly easy to find. A full bed is smaller than a queen but it is 15” wider than a twin. Full beds are often called double beds, although if sleeping two people on one full bed, it can be rather cramped. Full beds are usually the most popular for young, single adults who want something roomier than a twin but not quite as large as a full since one person will most likely be sleeping in it most of the time.

Queen beds are about 6 inches wider than a full (or double) bed. A queen bed is quite comfortable, and finding sheets and comforters for queen beds is usually not too difficult. They are longer than a double bed as well, so taller people can sleep much more comfortably on them. Sheets for queen sized beds costs more than those for full sized, but are still less expensive than sheet sets for king size beds. A king size bed is usually a whole 18 inches wider than a queen bed. They are quite large and are usually found in master bedrooms where there is plenty of room. King beds are luxurious and roomy, but they are also difficult to move, so it’s recommended that you only buy a king size bed when you have “settled in” somewhere. All sizes of beds vary slightly by manufacturer, but the king size is just that: king.

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