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Bed Set

What are today used as a cotton bed set, was once upon a time used made of linen. A bed set will normally consist of the bed sheet, the fitted sheet (mattress cover) and two pillow covers. The bed sheets would be slightly larger than the mattress to allow it to be tucked in. A luxurious bed set, will be recognized by the count of its threads; the bed sheets which have a high thread count are considered high quality and are extremely soft.

The most common bed set you will find today is made of cotton. The other materials used for bed sheets is, satin, cotton-polyester, flannel, silk among others. Linen is very wide spread and preferred in Europe. The market is full of all types of bed sets of every color imaginable and material available both natural and synthetic.  The emphasis of the material of the bed sets are usually on synthetics today because they are easy to clean, maintain and last long. However, cotton is still widely preferred.

Looking back into the history, some say that the bed sheet (the main item of the bed set that you see today) has been around for more than a thousand years. The Egyptians are credited with the discovery of the linen, which they painstakingly made out of the flax. From then till about 1830 linen was the uncrowned king fabric for bed. Early in the nineteen century, cotton had become a very acceptable alternative which was easy to cultivate and even easier to manufacture.

The cotton bed set, was received well and in this manner, by mid nineteenth century, linen had taken a back seat, for the only reason that it was too cumbersome to manufacture. The cotton bed set has since established itself the world over. You will find bed sets in many printed and plain color owing mostly to British know-how in manufacturing and processing cotton for this purpose.

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