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Four Poster Bed

A four poster bed can be exquisite, simple, elegant, classy, beautiful, or all of the above, and you want one.  Many of you have probably dreamed of having one, and maybe now you are finally ready to make that dream come true.  This is not a task to be taken lightly, though.  It has to be the perfect four-poster bed for you, and there are lots to choose from.

A four poster bed is basically a bed with four posts, one in each corner, which support a tester.  The function of the tester is normally used for supporting a curtain that can surround the bed.  When four poster beds were first created, the purpose of the tester and curtain was to keep out draughts, but in today’s modern world; they are merely for decoration and beauty. 

The different styles for four poster beds range from the standard low bed, to the half tester, to the taller canopy styles.  You can find them made out of various types of quality wood, like Ash, Sycamore, Mahogany, and Oak. The various designs available are plentiful.  There is the pencil bed style, where which the posts reach high, but there is no tester they are supporting.  The standard low bed style still has four posts, but each post only reaches a few inches tall.  The juniper canopy style has four tall posts, which are supporting a tester, but are unique because the foot board panel is very low, usually reaching no higher than the bottom of the top mattress.  The half tester styles have two short posts at the foot of the bed, and a very tall headboard at the head of the bed, which supports a tester that hangs over the head of the bed. 

The traditional canopy beds have four tall posts, a foot board panel that is level with the top of the top mattress, and a headboard that reaches a length half of the posts, and all the posts support a tester.  The juniper, half testers, and canopy styles all offer various designs of their posts.  Some will be in a twisted fashion and some will be thick at the bottom and get skinnier towards the top.  Others will be skinny at the bottom and top, yet fat in the middle, some will have indentations of various sizes all up and down the posts, and there are many other designs. 

The contemporary style offers less intricate design in its posts, and will normally be very straight or symmetrical in its’ design, which might suit someone’s more modern tastes.  Whichever type or style you choose you should be able to find whichever size of bed you need.  The sizes offered in just about every kind of four-poster bed is 54x75, 60x78, 66x78, 72x78, 78x78, and 84x84 inches. 

Take your time shopping for your four poster bed.  Once you have found the perfect one, and you get it in your bedroom, you are certain to be pleased with the pleasant attractiveness that it provides.   A four poster bed truly is the king of beds, and the bed of kings.

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