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Water Bed

Water beds find mention some 3,600 years ago in Persian context in history; at that time they were made out of goat skin filled with water. Some reports say that Sir James Paget invented this bed in 1873 while working at St Bartholomew’s Hospital. Other reports mention that the first patent for water bed was filed way back in 1883 by Dr William Hooper and was meant specifically for patients who were suffering from bed sores. Neither was very successful though.

The water bed as you know it today came into existence in 1968 the credit of which goes to Charles Hall. The claim for the water bed is further shared by Robert A Heinlein for which Charles Hall could not patent his invention.

The Pros

The water bed is excellent for sick people, true (especially for those with bed sores). However, it also makes a very comfortable bed for healthy, normal people as well. There are plenty of benefits you can get from using a water bed:

1. It is very relaxing every time you sleep on it, but especially in winter since the water can be warmed to whatever temperature you want.

2. It is very comfortable since it adjusts exactly to your body, giving you a floating experience.

3. Helps in checking back ache since the spinal muscles are totally relaxed while sleeping on this bed.

4. There are no bed mites since it can be cleaned easily; hence, no allergy for people who are asthmatic or allergy prone.

5. It has an extremely long life – reports put it at about 12 years.

6. It is considered a great sexual pleasure enhancer.

The Cons

Just as a coin has two sides, the use of a water bed has its disadvantages as well.

1. The cost of maintaining the temperature can at times be costly. In winter, particularly, you will have a steady addition to your monthly bill.

2. The more comfortable hard-sided water bed does not come usually in standard size making it difficult to cover it with standard bed sheets.

3. The flooring should be quite strong to use this type of bed, since it takes a great deal of load when it is filled with water.

4. There is always the danger of a leak or rupture which can create a terrible crisis in the home and for the neighbors

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