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Who Is Best In Beds?

Is Best In Beds A Retailer? YES & NO!

YES - Because you can purchase the best beds available and other related bedding products from them... at the lowest possible prices!

NO - From the "traditional" standpoint BECAUSE... they do not have the extremely expensive costs associated with the heavy advertising on radio and TV or in the newspapers and via direct mail like most other retailers.

NO - From the "traditional" standpoint BECAUSE... they do not have the heavy overheads associated with most "regular" stores that are open seven days a week... and staffed by several employees.

NO - From the "traditional" standpoint BECAUSE... unlike most "regular" retailers they will not "push" a particular brand due to profit and inventory. At Best In Beds you will receive consultative assistance that should enable you to make the decision that is right for you!

How and When Can You Expect Delivery From Best In Beds?

All of the items offered are shipped directly from the factory to your home. The time it takes to deliver the merchandise will vary depending on several factors. In most cases, the expected time it will take is mentioned. However, it is always a good idea to check with us concerning this.


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