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Though you probably seldom think about your bedding mattresses, they staple linens that you use every day. If you know how to care for them, you can extend their life and keep them comfortable for long-term use. Whether you have new bedding mattresses, or you’re using an older set, learning to clean and care for your bedding components will allow you to rest easier.

Bedding includes your sheets, pillowcases, mattress covers, bed skirts, comforter or spread, and pillow shams. You wash your sheets and pillowcases every week to ten days. Your body produces natural oils that are dispersed onto your sheets and pillowcases when you sleep. Washing them regularly removes these oils that can cause irritation to your skin if left too long. If you use brightly colored sheets, wash them in warm water with a color-safe detergent and bleach. Use a suitable fabric softener in the wash and avoid drying sheets on high heat. Remember, too, that a higher thread count sheet is more durable and will wash better than less expensive, lower thread count sets. Invest in quality sheets and they will last longer and wash without pilling.

Unless you have a pillow top mattress, flip your mattress every three months. This provides even wear on the mattress, making it more comfortable to sleep on over time. Pillow tops however are not designed to be flipped. When you wash your sheets, use a vacuum with hose attachments to vacuum your mattress. This helps remove microscopic dust mites that can affect air quality where you sleep, which is potentially aggravating to people with allergies. Though it isn’t essential, you might also choose to spray your mattresses with a fabric-safe surface disinfectant or deodorizer.

In the event you have children, chances are you might have to clean urine or vomit from their bedding mattresses at some point. You can help protect their mattresses from staining by using a vinyl mattress cover. This also makes clean up considerably easier.

When you go to wash your comforter or spread, pillow shams and bed skirt, you might want to visit an automatic laundry center. You don’t have to wash your comforter as often as your sheets, but every four months or so, it should be cleaned. If you do not have a large capacity washing machine, your comforter won’t get as clean as taking it to a laundromat and using the large machines there. If you invested in a spread that is dry clean only, take it to the dry cleaners every six months. Clean your shams and bed skirt when you clean your comforter to ensure fading and ware is equal.

By properly caring for your bedding mattresses, your entire bed ensemble will last longer and remain more comfortable over time. This enables you to sleep better and avoid replacing expensive bedding frequently. Chances are, with proper care, quality bedding will last at least three to five years and quality mattresses at least ten.

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