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Sleep sets are used by both men and women of all ages around the world and can be commonly referred to as pajamas. Although numerous other items may be categorized as sleep sets, pajamas are referred to most often. One of the most important elements concerning any type of sleep set is comfort. Since most sleep sets are designed for comfort, softer materials often come in to play. Some of the most common materials used for sleep sets are cotton, flannel, and the more luxurious satin, and silk. When thinking of pajamas, combining these fabrics and some loose-fitting designs makes a most relaxing fit. Most sleepwear today, especially children’s, is flame resistant to prevent major burns. To be classified as flame resistant a garment, even after being exposed to a small flame, must not continue to burn.

Many sleep sets contain some visual elements that most likely would appeal to the user or wearer. Some of these elements may be sports, animals, cars, or even polka-dots. Of course, not everyone would wear pajamas sporting teddy bears or fire trucks; therefore, some sleep sets are available in plainer designs. Such things as solid colors, plaid, and stripes would appeal more to adults rather than to children.

Since sleep sets are very relaxing garments, many people wear them around their homes all day long. In some countries, men and women may wear them out in public during the afternoon or even on short trips to the local grocery store. In more recent times, mainly young women in North America, have started wearing parts of their sleepwear to school and other places outside of their homes such as to the mall or to work. As time passes, more people are wearing their pajamas as a fashion statement rather than a comfortable outfit for lying around at home.


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